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Healing Spaces

The environment that surrounds us has a direct impact on our brain which in turn has an impact on our body’s ability to heal. At CCI Group, we create Healing Spaces by working with facility planners, equipment planners, interior designers and architects to provide customized casework products that accent the patient environment where healing can occur.

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Learning Spaces

As the processes change for teaching and learning in our digital world, so do the Learning Spaces. CCI Group stays abreast of these market demands and provides products for education which focus on Learning Spaces that meet the needs of teacher and student alike.

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Work Spaces

Our working environments impact our attitudes. At CCI Group, we work with our customers to create Work Spaces that transform the environment into a positive and welcoming place. From our experience creating waiting rooms, reception desks, wall paneled entrances, and office space systems, CCI Group is in tune with the integrated design necessary for the efficient use of space and for the overall positive look and feel. By working with iinterior designers and integrating our Innovative Solutions, CCI Group is able to bring the customer’s vision to life.

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Commercial Spaces

With solutions for laboratory casework, stainless steel cabinets and sinks, chemical proof casework and more, CCI Group covers a wide range of market needs for Commercial Space solutions.

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Retail Customer Spaces

CCI Group boasts more than 1500 successful quality installations for retail spaces across the United States. We not only provide the casework, we also provide design services, turnkey delivery, and installation. When one of our customers asked for a new design, our team developed a modular system that fostered a more consultative interaction with their retail customers. In addition this design used less material, created more open space, and reduced the overall cost.

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Innovative Solutions

Several years ago, we realized our customers needed quality Innovative Solutions for some of their casework needs. As a result, CCI Group developed the 1st Generation IT Spacing Saving Computer Station. 70 versions later, CCI Group has an Innovative Solution to meet your needs. We currently offer 25+ casework products.

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